Lead / Light Soundtrack (Download)

by Lost Harbours



Two tracks created to soundtrack the documentary Lead / Light:

"Lead/Light looks to the inherent symbolism embedded within the Thames Estuary, the strong links between South Essex and the east end of London and the major influence aspirational migration has had and continues to have within sculpting the regions psychological topography. Specifically concerned with the moment when two massively influential entities intimately overlapped.

Two sets of domestic immigrants both stemming from East-London -- William Booth and his Salvation Army, with a fundamentalist Christian ideology of reform through relocation and The Walker's - a socially mobile working-class family who through their own ambition and via their own personal emigration drove the development of the suburban idyll.

This exchange between the SA and the Walkers echoes on through affect and is physically etched into the psyche of the landscape through a covenant found within every freehold of every home built upon the site of Leigh Park Farm, or as it is now known - The Highlands - as well as in memoriam to every remaining tree found along its streets and boulevards."

The documentary can be viewed here:


released May 24, 2013



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Lost Harbours Westcliff On Sea, UK

A two-piece experimental folk duo from Southend on Sea; influenced by an eclectic array of sources from 60's psych folk and modern composition to musique concrete and drone.

We have toured the Baltic's and played on bills with such folk as the Dead Rat Orchestra, Bird Names, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Library Tapes, Kostoglotov, The Owl Service, Nancy Wallace, Ninni Morgia and Temperatures.
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